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valentino shoes sale those ladies of high society

Le 20 octobre 2015, 19:06 dans Humeurs 0

a Victorian fashion guide

The dresses might have been longer and the relationship advice more conservative, but 144 years ago, the Englishwoman's Domestic Magazine was studied no less keenly than the pages of Cosmopolitan.

Your view: What can today's women learn from the Victorians?

Published by Isabella Beeton better known as Mrs Beeton, the celebrated Victorian cook it was an indispensable guide for valentino shoes sale those ladies of high society who were terrified of committing a fashion faux pas.

Now that 19thcentury style advice will be available to modern women when a rare 1863 copy of the monthly magazine is auctioned at the end of the month.

In it, readers were advised what was and was not appropriate to wear in the autumn and winter seasons. The bound album, complete with vibrant colour plates, focused on hats, headwear and all the associated accoutrements because "bonnets are in great variety and in great favour just now".

Highly popular were "gimp balls placed around the brim of the bonnet", which were balls of silk or wool trimming, sometimes stiffened with valentino shoes sale wire.

The magazine advised: "For evening, dinner hair ought to be dressed in four rolls either side and finished off behind with a Marie Antoinette chignon, frizzed very much.

"The best autumn fashions to be observed are on the shore at Biarritz or Trouville. Combs for hair with a sphere of jewels are popular."

To keep out the cold, women were told that "dresses with thick mohair for morning chestnut brown with fine yellow stripes" would be most suitable.

But in winter, "soft flannel resembling velvet" was advised while "cooler winds mean the bodice will be replaced by the waistcoat".

Mrs Beeton's publication recognised as the first women's magazine was launched in 1852, priced at 2d and soon became essential reading, with a circulation of 56,000.

It did not hold back when pouring scorn on shoddy style: "Wearing every article of the same colour is fashionable only on condition the strictest uniformity of tone is maintained.

"There is nothing more distressing than seeing a dress of deep blue, inclining to purple, with a bonnet with skyblue ribbons."

Chamoiscoloured leather boots secured with silk cord and tassels were considered "particularly desirable", but women were advised to wear "elegant little slippers, called mules, with high heels" in the morning.

The magazine, which was uncovered in a house clearance in Burton on Trent, Staffs, will go under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers in Derbyshire on Nov 29.


Charles Hanson, who discovered the publication, said: "It is just wonderfully subjective and descriptive. It really shows how certain ladies in society were setting the pace in terms of trends.

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